Rise to the top of a dune and enjoy the view before your eyes: you will see the Curonian Lagoon with its cruise ship terminal, the Curonian Spit with its green pines on the other side of the lagoon, and a glimpse of the Baltic Sea beyond it. This panoramic view can be seen from the spacious terrace, located on the roof of "Dunetton" hotel.

The terrace includes a bar that offers beverages and snacks and invites you to relax at a table and enjoy the views while sunbathing or watching as the sun descends to the sea. After the sun goes down, the terrace is illuminated with beautiful lights and the evening becomes even more spectacular.

For those looking for exceptional areas to celebrate various occasions, we are able to organize celebration parties or festive events for a group of around 40 people.  

Telephone: + 370 46 38 55 77, E-mail:

Telephone: + 370 46 38 55 77, E-mail:

Tel. + 370 46 38 55 77, el. p.